Victoria Beckham has the secret to staying sexy in your thirties - marry soccer hunk David Beckham.
The British pair wed in a lavish ceremony in 1999, recently celebrating its tenth anniversary as a happily married couple with three children.
And the former Spice Girl heaped praise on her beloved husband in an interview on U.S. chatshow The View - insisting she's lucky to have met her kindred spirit.
She told the panel, "We're so lucky to have each other. I really feel that with David I've met my soulmate.
"He's a really amazing father and a really great husband as well. Yes, I still feel sexy."
But the brunette beauty insists even she struggles with her confidence sometimes - because her sports hero partner is so handsome.
She added, "I go to bed with David Beckham every night, I'm trying (to be sexy)."