Pregnant pop singer Victoria Beckham and husband David Beckham's christening ceremony for their young sons has been slammed by British church leaders as a sham.

The former SPICE GIRL and REAL MADRID soccer star had children BROOKLYN, 5 and ROMEO, 2, christened in a specially-built $180,000 (GBP100,000) chapel in the grounds of their Hertfordshire, England mansion by the BISHOP OF CORK, the REVEREND PAUL COLTON last Thursday (23DEC04).

But local Canon ROBERT SIBSON complains, "The chapel is just a building. It would require a bishop to consecrate it and they have not done that."

Reverend CHRISTOPHER HERBERT adds, "I don't know the Bishop of Cork at all and I don't know why he was called in.

"If none of us locally knew, then that is a shame because when somebody is christened into the Church, it should be the local church."

Meanwhile sources claim the chapel will be used again next year (05) when the Beckhams renew their wedding vows after five years of marriage.

27/12/2004 12:57