Victoria Beckham is "so happy" to have reached number three in the British singles chart - despite the disappointment of missing out on the number one spot.

The former SPICE GIRL's new double A-side single THIS GROOVE/LET YOUR HEAD GO was beaten to the top of the charts by GARY JULES' MAD WORLD and Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne's duet CHANGES - but Beckham is delighted with the start to her pop comeback.

She said after yesterday's (4JAN04) chart results were revealed, "I'm so happy. I was really happy with the songs and love them both, so for them to do well was the icing on the cake."

Victoria is still the only member of the now-defunct girl group not have achieved a solo number one - but she insists she'll settle for number three, for now: "Having a number one isn't going to make me any more famous, but having said that I am still delighted it has done so well."

Beckham even credits the negative press her comeback has so far attracted, with helping her climb the chart: "This was the first time I have felt no pressure to succeed because everyone was expecting me to fail."

05/01/2004 18:38