Tennis ace Victoria Azarenka has brushed off rumours her relationship with LMFAO rapper Redfoo is on the rocks after gushing about the eccentric pop star at the U.S. Open.

The Party Rock Anthem hitmaker began dating the Belarusian sportswoman after meeting her at the New York-based tournament last summer (12), but he hinted the romance was in trouble in July (13) during an appearance on Australia's The X Factor.

Redfoo, who serves as a judge on the Tv show, became tearful while listening to a wannabe perform an original track called Don't Let Me Go, and spoke about his personal woes when addressing the 14-year-old singer, saying, "I'm going through something right now in a relationship. And those lyrics made me cry. I wish I could show this to her now."

However, it appears the couple has resolved its relationship issues - after defeating Daniela Hantuchova in the quarterfinals on Wednesday evening (04Sep13), Azarenka revealed she has been listening to Motown tunes to get her in the zone before games after receiving a history lesson in soul from her boyfriend, the son of Motown founder Berry Gordy.

During a post-match interview with sports network Espn, she branded the veteran music mogul a "genius" and added, "I'm learning the history of music... I went to the iTunes store and I bought everything there is, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes... My coach... said, 'Vika, there's hope for you now, we can talk about music!' It's just such a good music, I was just blown away."

Azarenka revealed Redfoo, real name Stefan Kendal Gordy, would have been cheering her on from the stands had he not been busy Down Under: "He's working on The X Factor now and he's having a lot of fun, I hope his team wins."

The 24-year-old world number two also opened up about her nickname for her beau, which was inspired by comedian Jaleel White's geeky character on sitcom Family Matters.

She said, "He's work (sic) so much that it's just incredible. Being himself, he's like a party person, (but) he's such a nerd and he works all the time. I came up with a nickname for him, I call him Party Urkel."