LATEST: Former VILLAGE PEOPLE 'policeman' Victor Willis pleaded not guilty to drug possession and providing police with false identification in a San Francisco, California court on Tuesday (28MAR06). The YMCA hitmaker, who left the disco group in 1980, was arrested on Sunday (26MAR06) following a routine traffic stop. Cops allegedly found the singer and his friend STACI BRANDT to be in possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. The 54-year-old had been missing since 20 October (05) when he failed to attend sentencing following an arrest in July (05), when he was allegedly found to be in possession of cocaine and a loaded .45-caliber, semi-automatic handgun in Daly City, California. Only the day before sentencing (19OCT05), Willis accepted a plea bargain with a maximum 16-month prison term. On Tuesday, both Willis and Brandt pleaded not guilty to the same charges and will return to court next month (10APR06).