The singer reveals his 66-year-old dad is in the advanced stages of the degenerative illness after struggling with the condition for the past 10 years, and he wanted to share his emotions about his relative's health battle with fans.

Manuelle says of his dad's battle, "He has reached a fairly advanced stage and it requires the full attention of a caregiver.

"He recognises us but doesn't speak, but from the expression in his eyes, we know what he's telling us."

Manuelle has been handing out 25,000 free copies of the ballad on the streets of San Juan, in his family's native Puerto Rico, this week (begs23Mar15) and he reveals fans have been responding positively to his personal lyrics by opening up about their experiences with the disease, too.

He tells Spanish news agency Efe, "I think I'm raising awareness and (it's) for a purpose."