The veteran superstar, 76, bowed out of the limelight with one final farewell concert in April (16), but he has now shared a new track, a traditional Mexican ballad known as a corrido, to urge his Latin fans in the U.S. to join him in backing the Democratic candidate for the White House.

"Dear brothers and sisters, your voice is your vote. Together, we can do it," he declares at the start of the El Corrido de Hillary Clinton video, which he has posted on social media.

The footage features images of Clinton meeting with Latino workers, while Fernandez takes aim at her political rival, Republican Donald Trump, for offensive comments he has made about U.S. immigrants on the campaign trail, including branding all illegal Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.

Without mentioning his name outright, Fernandez says, "My people were hurt when someone offended them. Hillary we are with you, you can count on our vote."

He concludes the clip by stating, "Mrs. Clinton, I'm here to ask you that when you get to the presidency, don't forget about all my Mexican and Latin American brothers and sisters. (Sending) hugs, and I will visit once you become president."

The video release, which is part of the Latino Victory Project's efforts to ensure the rights and interests of the Latin community are protected by the government, is designed to rally support for Clinton ahead of the November (16) election, although Fernandez himself will not be eligible to vote as he is not a U.S. citizen.