The music veteran has been struggling with health issues of late, but he was left baffled recently after reading social media posts suggesting he was about to die.

Vicente took to Instagram to dispute the claims, sharing a photo of himself alive and well as he sat in a car.

"Who hates me so much that every 8 days they are killing me (off on social media)?" he captioned the shot. The 77-year-old then quipped, "It's best if that person comes and kills me in person."

The singer's cheeky response to the death hoax emerges days after his son, fellow musician Alejandro Fernandez, revealed his father no longer has to undergo back surgery to treat a longtime spinal injury after seeking a second opinion.

Alejandro explained Vicente, who has been suffering with nerve pain in his legs relating to his years of horseback riding and his overweight frame, has since started exercising, while his beautician girlfriend Kary Ortegon has also been helping him with physical therapy.

The 45-year-old singer told reporters last week (ends03Mar17), "He had been given very bad news about his health lately, so we wanted to get a second opinion and the new doctor's advice has cheered up my father and he's very happy."

Vicente, who retired from the stage with his final farewell show last year (16), has even started working on new material.

"(He's) actually at the studio recording some new music," his son shared.