VH1 paid tribute to a host of hip-hop icons including Afrika Bambaataa, THE Beastie Boys and Wu-Tang Clan at the network's third annual Hip-Hop Honors awards ceremony on Saturday night (07OCT06). EAZY-E, Rakim, MC Lyte and Russell Simmons were also honoured, and performed a selection of their classic hits - with the late NWA star's son LIL' EAZY-E stepping in for his father. LIL' KIM gave her first performance since being released from prison with a cover of MC LYTE's LYTE AS A ROCK alongside Remy Ma and Da Brat. MC Lyte told AllHipHop.com, "I feel great. What other way is there to feel when you're in a space where everyone is showing their love and want to honour you. "The foundation was laid, and it is important for people to see how well respected you are by today's artists as well." Actor Forest Whitaker paid tribute to WU-TANG CLAN onstage and bandmember RZA, who collaborated with Whitaker on the movie Ghost Dog, said, "It's a super honour because I live hip-hop. "I lived these streets of New York, writing, performing, break dancing, DJing - every component of it. Some of these people I grew up admiring them. Some of these people got twenty years in. "I got what? Ten, 12 years in. To be honoured with them, that means that in maybe half the amount of time I've achieved the same." Footage of the Hip-Hop Honours will be broadcast on VH1 on 17 October (06) in America.