Christopher Kane loves "obnoxious" neon.

The 28-year-old designer featured the fluorescent colours in lace trims on his recent spring/summer women's collection and says he always loves using a lot of colour in his creations, though it can be difficult.

He said: "There's this idea that British people don't like colour but I think they do. I love neon. It's so man-made and loud and obnoxious but that's why I gravitate towards it. It gives you a total high when you work with it.

"The dyes were a nightmare, though. It was a tough one but we got there in the end. We just had to keep dyeing and trying."

Christopher has headed up Venus, Versace's second line for two years and he admits he still finds it "weird" working with The Fashion house's head Donatella Versace, because he has admired her for so long.

He told the Evening Standard newspaper: "You do need to tap yourself when you're with her.

"It was quite weird after being a kid, growing up and idolising Versace, and then 'boom' - you're thrown into the dressing room backstage. But Donatella puts you at ease. She's great that way. I've learned so much from working at Versace. You start to learn from them and it seeps into your own business."