Actress Veronica Lario has broken her silence and blasted reports she cheated on her estranged husband, Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, during their 19-year marriage.
Lario, 52, is seeking a divorce from the Prime Minister after tiring of his womanising ways.
But she is furious over claims made in the Italian press about her alleged infidelity with a bodyguard, and has decided to speak out a month after the rumours began circulating in a bid to set the record straight.
And Lario is adamant the media is simply trying to damage her reputation.
Writing in leading local newspaper, Corriere della Sera, she says, "Over these last weeks, I have watched in silence, without reacting through the media, as people brutally sully my person, my dignity and my marriage."
Last month (May09), Berlusconi demanded an apology from Lario for going public with her plans to divorce him.