Hollywood wildman COLIN FARRELL stepped in to prevent a bust up between two former BOYZONE stars at a film premiere on Tuesday (08JUL03).

The PHONE BOOTH star was attending a star-studded bash for new film Veronica Guerin in the company of ex-Boyzone member Keith Duffy and his former bandmate Ronan Keating.

Tensions have been high between Duffy and Keating since Ronan left the chart topping Irish boyband. Duffy believes Keating should have given the FLYING WITHOUT WINGS hitmakers the chance to complete one final tour, but Ronan refused, preferring to focus on his solo career.

The pair were seated just rows apart from each other at the premiere and tensions reached boiling point at a party afterwards.

British tabloid THE DAILY MIRROR reports a source as saying, "Ronan's entourage arrived and realised Colin and Keith's party had blagged tables in the VIP area. And that meant they had no choice but to suit on a neighbouring table. There was a really bad vibe."

"Then Keith announced he would smack Ronan in the mouth if he came anywhere near him and it all kicked off. Luckily Colin stepped in and managed to clam him down, saying Ronan wasn't worth it."

"Keith and Ronan had plenty of chances to say hello but they blanked each other - even though their other halves LISA and YVONNE made a big thing about dancing together to show there was no hard feelings."

11/07/2003 13:28