Former child star Veronica Cartwright is reaching out to the Scissor Sisters after losing touch with Jake Shears and his band since becoming the face of the group's Ta-dah album art and I Don'T Feel Like Dancin' single.
The Birds actress had a great time with the band after Shears asked her to become the face of the Scissor Sisters - but she fears he's still sore about the fact the album failed to set the charts alight in his native America.
She says, "I have an unlisted phone number but I got this call from Jake and he goes, 'I am not a stalker; I am a singer with this group, called the Scissor Sisters,' and he said, 'I want you to be on our next album cover'.
"They just liked my work and they just thought I would be great on their cover... Since that album, I have tried to get in touch with them and I have no idea where they are. It's very odd. I know Jake was very disappointed with the U.S. reaction to the album... I've called a few numbers but no one knows how to get hold of them."
But the Alien star admits she'll always remember her time as the group's mascot with fondness: "I got sent a picture in 3D. There was a big billboard all over London. We had a ball doing that and I think they're terrific."