Verne Troyer got trapped in an airplane toilet for 20 minutes.

The diminutive 'Austin Powers' star was livid when he couldn't reach the door handle in the toilets of the Virgin Atlantic upper class deck and despite screaming at staff to let him out, he was only freed when a fellow passenger heard his pleas for help.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''After successfully navigating his way into the loo, he was then unable to reach the handle to pull it open again. After a few minutes he began to get a little claustrophobic and panicky.

''He began thumping on the door and screeching for help but sadly no one could hear him because it was the middle of the night and most people were asleep.

''Luckily, a woman seated beside the cubicle eventually heard the banging and went to investigate. She opened the door and was shocked to stumble upon Verne.''

However, far from being grateful to the woman, Verne, 43 - who was flying from Los Angeles to London to filming a cameo in Keith Lemon's new movie - immediately started shouting and swearing about his ordeal.

The source added: ''Verne started shouting and swearing, ranting that he had been stuck for 20 minutes. He was clearly very worked up.''