Celebrity designer Vera Wang is keen to follow her fashion peer Tom Ford into filmmaking and make her directorial debut.
The top couturier admits she is eyeing a career move and is eager to take a seat behind the camera.
She tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I’m getting ready maybe to make an independent film myself. I’m thinking of maybe picking up a camera (and directing).
"I think, in our fashion shows, we always try to tell a story, even though it's nine or 10 minutes, and to take it to another level with three-dimension or four-dimension is kinda groovy.
"I love stories. I love stories about love, about anger, about emotion, about complexity. It might involve fashion, it's still visual."
Ford won high praise for his first foray into Hollywood last year (09) with the release of A Single Man. The movie landed a slew of top award nominations and earned its stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore recognition at the 2010 Oscars and Golden Globes, respectively.