Vera Wang found designing costumes for Olympian Nathan Chen ''challenging and exciting''

The American fashion designer has created a number of outfits for the 18-year-old figure skater to wear at the Winter Olympics in South Korea and the teenager had a lot of input into her creations.

She told ''I found this both challenging and exciting.''

''He clearly has a point of view--and his own very cool sense of style!''

The designer- who was also a competitive skater when she was younger- has previously created outfits for skaters such as Evan Lysacek, Michelle Kwan, and Nancy Kerrigan, but always takes a different approach to each sporting star.

She said: ''No two skaters share the same energy, creativity, athleticism, musicality, or style''.

For Nathan, Vera was keen to create a ''casual, easy'' vibe.

She said: ''For Nathan, I wanted to express a certain geometry and nonchalance without sacrificing the dignity or significance of an Olympic competitor.''

Vera worked with Nathan to whittle down the 30 original designs to the monochrome looks he sported in competition, and insisted she wasn't just designing ''show costumes'' but ''sleek, modern interpretations of athleticism.''

She also believes that this is just the beginning of Nathan's career.

She said: ''Nathan [Chen] reflects a new freedom not only in his feats of tackling quad jumps, but a very modern sense of music and movement that has influenced the artistic side of skating.''