Vera Wang constantly worries about her brand.

The 63-year-old fashion designer is pleased her company is expanding but insists she doesn't see that as a sign of success.

Vera - who will unveil a Beijing store in 2014 - said: ''We just opened about 15 stores globally this year for bridal. I never take expansion as necessarily a positive thing. I am always very cautious and worried about it.''

The designer also admitted she fights every day not to get ''hysterical'' and says the key to building on her success is to prioritise and move ahead in an organised way.

Asked during a Q and A event in New York if she has a mantra for staying balanced and focused, she said: ''None, absolutely none. If someone has a good one, I'm really open. What I try to do, I try every day not to get hysterical. I tell myself, OK, take a deep breath and prioritise. Everything is going to have to wait. We're going to go from Point A to Point B instead of A, Z, F, G and not knowing where we are.''