Vera Wang says winning a Lifetime Achievement Award is an ''unimaginable honour''.

The fashion designer took home the special prize at the CFDA Awards in New York City on Monday night (03.06.13) and she was ecstatic to be recognised for her contributions to the fashion industry by her peers.

She told WWD: ''It means a couple of things. It's an unimaginable honour. To be respected by your peers - and I don't mean just the designers, but editors, retailers, everyone who votes - it was just overwhelming.''

The 63-year-old designer revealed she spent time reflecting on her clothing collections over the past 20 years in the build up to the ceremony to ensure she was ''deserving'' of the accolade.

She said: ''At the same time, I want to feel deserving. That involved looking backwards at my work and my own personal journey and hoping I haven't disappointed myself of all people.''

Vera is best known for her stunning bridal gowns, but surprisingly admits she actually takes inspirational from menswear and describes herself as a tomboy.

She said: ''I'm very influenced by menswear. I've always had that tomboyishness in me. I was an athlete and a dancer, and all these layers and T-shirts and the wrapping and all that - that was part of my life.''