Actress TERI HATCHER suffered a fashion disaster minutes before she was set to hit the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards red carpet on Sunday (29JAN06), when she spilled champagne all over her gown.

The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star was in a limousine on the way to the ceremony when a sharp turn sent a full glass of champagne tumbling onto her pink chiffon Vera Wang dress.

Hatcher explains, "The chiffon colour suddenly turned maroon - a nightmare scenario."

The panicked star needed to dry out her soaked dress quickly and yelled at the driver to, "Blast the heat!"

She adds, "All the heat is coming out of all the vents and three of us have got my dress, holding it over the heaters in the back of the car. And it worked! It totally dried by the time I got up to the thing (red carpet) and I was fine!"