Veteran singer Dame Vera Lynn has urged government officials in the U.K. to get tough on vandals who wreck war memorials, demanding a new law to allow judges to kick them out of the country.
Military bosses in Britain have been left shocked at a wave of attacks on monuments honouring the country's war dead, as crooks desecrate them to sell the metal as scrap.
And Lynn, who was nicknamed The Forces' Sweetheart for her morale-boosting visits to troops during World War II, has called for tough penalties for anyone convicted of trashing a memorial.
She tells the Daily Express, "I just can't understand it - what's the point in desecrating the memorials to the brave men who gave their lives? It's only because of them that we all live in freedom today. They are utterly despicable and should be turfed out of the country...
"I just think of the job those boys had fighting for us and then these people come along and just destroy everything they stood for. A lot of people don't realise the freedom and privileges they have been given. I find it extremely upsetting and I am sure anyone who lived through the Blitz and war just won't understand it. I can't explain my feelings - these people are the lowest of the low and I am speechless."