Veteran singer Dame Vera Lynn wants British youths to undergo a compulsory national service-style scheme following last summer's (11) riots in the U.K.
The 95-year-old star admits she felt "very sad" to see images of thugs smashing shop windows, looting goods and setting buildings on fire in London in August (11), before the chaotic scenes spread to cities across the country.
Lynn, nicknamed The Forces' Sweetheart for her support of the troops during World War II, is confident that a stint in the armed forces would help focus wayward teens and make them "appreciate everything" in life.
She tells Britain's OK! magazine, "All young men should have a certain time in the army, instead of going running around wild for a few years after school. They would learn discipline and they would learn a good trade. It would be a good opportunity.
"Certain people cause so many problems, not only to the running of the town and the country, but to people themselves.
"You've got to go through hard times to appreciate everything, to appreciate the fact you're alive, because every night (during World War II) you would go to sleep and not know if you would be bombed during the night."