Tennis superstar Venus Williams is hoping New York City will win its bid to host the Olympics in 2012 - because all of the athletes will be staying in apartments she's designed.

Williams, who has held a strong interest in interior design, recently launched her own company, which has already been responsible for the styling of numerous mansions.

But the muscle-bound beauty admits her biggest project is yet to come - as long as the Big Apple beats out fellow contenders London, Madrid and Moscow in its hosting bid.

She says, "(Designing the apartments) was actually a really fun project... If we get the Olympics in New York in 2012 the athletes will be staying in something very much like (my design)."

Williams will find out if her designs will accommodate thousands of athletes in July (05), when the winning city is announced.

Williams also helped design the orange newsboy caps which were required headgear for McDonald's employees in Athens, Greece, during this year's (04) Olympics.

16/11/2004 02:12