Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland has been forced to change his Nazi stage costume in a bid to avoid arrest during the band's German tour dates.

Weiland has been dressing as a Secret Service (SS) officer at the SLITHER rockers' recent concerts, leading to concerned executives at SONY BMG questioning the singer over his controversial attire.

Despite Weiland's insistence he is "in no way, shape, or form a Nazi", label bosses warned him "any kind of wearing/presenting Nazi symbols in public is strictly forbidden by law in Germany and can lead to getting arrested".

Weiland says, "The Nazi SS hat that I wear in fact symbolises the loss of democracy and the shift to totalitarianism.

"One could make an argument that indeed the Government of the US is evolving into, or is already, a fascist police state, hiding under the guise of a republic."

08/06/2005 17:31