Rockers Velvet Revolver dumped producer Rick Rubin after becoming bored of his slow work process. The supergroup were delighted when the famed producer came on board with them - but came to realise they were low on his list of priorities. Guitarist Slash says, "I've known Rick for a long time and I don't want to disrespect him, but his was of working was too slow. Rick had about four different projects going at the same time - one minute it's U2, then Metallica, then Linkin Park - and he kept telling us to write songs. We're pretty diligent, we have a lot of integrity when it comes to songwriting. "After a few months of working with Rick we started getting a little disinterested. At some point there was a business glitch and that raised a red flag and we said: 'Y'know, there's other producers out there...'"