Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash finally decided to quit heroin when he realised his addiction meant he could not longer play his instrument properly.

The hard-living rocker, now 39, became a slave to the drug during his days with GUNS 'N ROSES, and got to the point where he no longer cared how low he was feeling.

Slash says, "One thing I always had was my ability to play guitar. When I found I couldn't even do that I knew it was time to quit, although it took me some time.

"The first time I took heroin I knew I'd discovered my favourite drug of all time. I never liked the hyped-up state cocaine puts you in.

"The sort of personality who shoots heroin is often a shy guy who wants to be cool and relaxed. But you can get to such a low point on it, you just don't care about your self-esteem."

10/09/2004 13:50