Velvet Revolver star Duff Mckagan is relieved his candidate, Barack Obama, was elected U.S. President on Tuesday (04Nov08) - because the alternative would have been "dangerous".
The rocker dedicated his most recent column to Obama's victory, and he wasn't holding back on the way he felt.
He writes, "I want to now say congratulations to us all. We have collectively taken part in pushing for something different and outstanding. America can perhaps be glimpsed upon again as a place for forward thinking and democratic ideals.
"I am not saying this because we elected a young, black president, but because I think we all realised that Obama is the guy who will try the hardest... We made the wisest choice to get us moving in the right direction."
And he's ecstatic that Obama's opponent John MCCain and his choice for vice-president, Sarah Palin, didn't win the battle for the White House: "Whatever happens, Sarah Palin's political career should come to an end. She is straight-up dangerous. Enough said about that."