Velvet Revolver almost split after their last tour because the bandmates were exhausted and hated each. Bassist Duff MCKagan claims that if it hadn't been for a much needed break, the rock super group would have disbanded. He tells Britain's Kerrang magazine, "We went through a lot of c**p the last year and a half. "We'd been touring for 15 months, Matt (Sorum - drummer) had broken his hand and we were at each other's throats because we were so tired. "When we finally got done touring we didn't want to see each other." He's glad the group reconvened after a lengthy break, but admits the reunion was more than a little difficult: "It was really, really tough getting us back together into a place where our headspace was right to be able to start a new record. "We were all pretty fragmented, writing off in different camps but what we do best is write together. It took us a while to get back to where we were feeling good, and we finally got that back last July and August."