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'Gatecrasher Classics 2'

Released Ministry of Sound, Nov 21st

•)"Gatecrasher was to trance what Graceland is to rock 'n' roll! 'Album of the Week'" Zoo Weekly

•)Gatecrasher Classics sold over 300,000 copies

•)No. 1 in the compilation charts for four consecutive weeks

Following the phenomenal success of their first 'Classics' album, (which has sold over 300,000 copies to date and hogged the top spot of the compilation charts for four consecutive weeks), Gatecrasher are back with the second installment in the series charting the club's musical history.

Picking up where Gatecrasher Classics left off, volume 2 is a double CD'd euphoric romp through the laser-etched anthems that guided the club to worldwide dominance. From the yearning brilliance of Chicane's 'Saltwater', to the eerie atmospherics of PPK's chart hit ResuRection. From 'El Nino', Agnelli & Nelson's seminal trance homage to a weather system, and Motorcycle's soulful opus 'As The Rush Comes', to the rousing battle cry of Underworld's 'Born Slippy' and the loved up glory of Push's 'Strange World', Gatecrasher Classics 2 is a showcase of the most uplifting anthems of a generation.

Were you there when Tiesto and Timo Maas both made their UK debuts at the club, or when Paul van Dyk rocked 27,000 people at the Don Valley stadium? Can you recall with moist eyes watching England beat Germany 5-1 on the huge screens at the Gatecrasher Summer Sound System, before heading off to dance until the sun rose. Whether you risked life and limb each Saturday traveling across the perilous 'snake's pass' from Manchester, or felt that buzz of anticipation heading up the M1 as the first signs for Sheffield went racing past -whatever your memory, this album is for you. Whether you painted the Gatecrasher lion on your t-shirt or on the bonnet of your car, Gatecrasher Classics 2 is a salute to one of the most iconic clubbing movements in dance music.

'Gatecrasher Classics 2' is unique in its field – it's about more than just the records on the CDs. It's about the coming together of everyone involved with the club to celebrate some of their favourite Crasher memories and owner Simon Raine is rallying the troops, the DJ and the clubbers. So in dedication to the clubbers who made the Lion king of the dance world, Gatecrasher is running a campaign for its fans to send in their favourite 'Crasher Moments' – five of which will be featured in the sleeve of the new album. What's more, Gatecrasher has pledged to include the name of each and every crasher moment entrant within the album sleeve. And it's not just the clubbers; the DJs are getting in on the action too…

Now with the launch of Gatecrasher's latest venture, the futuristic new venue Discotheque in Leeds, the release o f Gatecrasher Classics 2 (Ministry of Sound, November 21st) provides the perfect opportunity to look back to the club's heritage, as the brand further evolves and broadens its musical spectrum.

Gatecrasher are soon to release their 'Classics' tour dates, with the big one confirmed for 27th Dec in Sheffield.

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