In the wake of the row over Miley Cyrus's photo spread in Vanity Fair, Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner has indicated he would probably ask her to pose nude for his magazine in three years, when she's 18 and of legal age. Interviewed on the syndica ted TV show Extra, Hefner remarked, "Sure she'd be welcome in the magazine. Very pretty lady." As for that Vanity Fair photo of her holding satin sheets around her with her shoulders and back exposed, Hefner said, "To make such a big to-do over something as innocent as those photos, I think is a reflection on how schizophrenic America is about sexuality." Separately it was reported by the website that Playboy is planning to launch a video-on-demand channel aimed at gay males next month. The website quoted from a letter to Time Warner Cable from Playboy President Bob Meyers that described the planned softcore offerings.