Vanessa Williams realised she needed to try Botox injections after her facial wrinkles began to make her look "tired" and "angry".
The Ugly Betty star, 47, embraces her age but admits she relies on Botox shots to keep the intimidating lines on her forehead from deepening.
She tells, "The latest thing I'm into is Botox, which I've been doing every six months. I do it lightly because I want to have an expressive face that has movement. Dr. Raj Kanodia does my Botox in Los Angeles.
"My goal is to look like me. I have four kids. I'm proud of my age. I just don't want to look tired or angry. I had little lines between my eyebrows that made it look like I was furrowing my brow. (The doctor) softened those lines and others across my forehead.
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