Singer/actress Vanessa Williams fears she may have scared her daughter after revealing spooky secrets about the family home.

The former Desperate Housewives star opened up about the creepy goings-on at home during a recent appearance on America's Ellen DeGeneres Show - and then realised her kids would be watching.

Williams insisted her children had no idea the 100-year-old home is apparently haunted, because she has always kept her findings to herself.

She said, "The original house was a cottage and carriage house that were connected, and Cathy, who was my nanny... in the middle of the night would hear kids laughing and giggling and she would go and see the playroom light was on, knowing that she'd turned it off and the kids were upstairs asleep. That happened repeatedly.

"In my bedroom, there were lights that would flicker on and off. One time, looking outside, it almost looked like a flashlight... You'd go and open the curtains and there's not a thing there."

Realising her daughter was watching the interview backstage, Williams stopped short and said, "Of course my daughter right now is freaking out because I've never told her any of these stories... She'll never come back to the house again."