Sexy Vanessa Williams is desperately trying to save her marriage to retired basketball superstar Rick Fox, despite his plans to divorce the singer and enjoy the single life.

Williams, 42, admits the couple had sex at Christmas (04) when they spent the holidays together - four months after Fox started divorce proceedings.

She says, "It was a mutual thing and it was good."

But she's coming to terms with the fact that her feelings for Fox might not save her marriage.

She explains, "I still have some anger issues, for sure (but) I'm still in love now with him. But he wants to be single out there. That's the dream.

"He filed for divorce. It wasn't my decision, that's for sure. He just didn't want to be married."

Williams claims her estranged husband came to his decision to file for divorce while he was in therapy last year (04).

She adds, "I got a phone call saying he's in therapy... and the therapist said, 'Maybe you're not the marrying type of guy.'"

01/04/2005 02:34