Vanessa White is back in touch with her ex.

The Saturdays singer and Gary Salter split in April after six years together, but they are said to have been messaging again recently and have always remained ''incredibly supportive'' of each other following their break up.

A source said: ''Vanessa and Gary have remained friends since their mutual split in April.

''After dating for such a long time, both have remained incredibly supportive of one another and haven't moved on since the break-up.

''Gary got back in touch to wish Vanessa good luck before she flew to Oz and they started texting again.''

Vanessa recently starred in reality show 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!' in Australia, and her appearance has said to have caught the eye of Playboy magazine, who are keen to do a photoshoot with her.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: ''However, Vanessa is now so busy and is being inundated with lucrative deals and is also about to start work on her solo music she is questioning how wise it would be to get back into a relationship.

''But they both think 'never say never', so who knows.''

While it's not known whether the 28-year-old singer and Gary will get back together, she isn't going to be back in the UK just yet as she has decided to head to Dubai for a break.

Vanessa wrote on Instagram: ''So devoood to be leaving oz tonight, I can't quite believe just how much I've enjoyed this whole experience and feel very lucky to have met the most amazing ppl who I will stay friends with for life! Couldn't quite deal with the thought of coming home to the cold so decided to go to Dubai instead looool #living #imaceleb #hidubai (sic)''

Vanessa spoke about Gary during her time on the show, admitting she was ''indecisive'' when it came to commitment.

She said: ''This time last year I was with my boyfriend, there are things I miss, when you've been with someone that long they become your best friend and when you get certain news you miss sharing those moments.

''I don't know if it was ever right, the problem is that I'm an indecisive person I can't even make my mind up about what I am going to have for dinner let alone big decisions like do I want to be with someone forever.''