Actress Vanessa Redgrave has called British reality television "monstrous and degrading" and thinks it should be replaced by factual documentaries about the "real world".

The NIP/TUCK star, 68, is convinced people want more educational shows, after hearing about the success of documentary productions including March of the Penguins.

She says, "I saw BORN INTO BROTHELS in Washington DC this year.

"I wish it could be shown on BBC or ITV every night for a week, and clear television of the monstrous, degrading reality shows.

"It's clear from the recent success of a number of documentary style films that large audiences want to know more about the reality of life in our world.

"The last feature film I saw was ASYLUM, based on PATRICK McGRATH'S book starring Natasha Richardson, Ian McKellen and Hugh Bonneville. Brilliant!

"It's the story of a woman's obsession with a murderer. Very unusual and haunting."