Vanessa Redgrave knows how to work the camera.

Fashion photographer Mary McCartney - the eldest daughter of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda - revealed the 73-year-old actress "wasn't at all guarded" when she took her picture.

She explained: "Vanessa Redgrave really knew how to move in front of the camera - she wasn't at all guarded. Models aren't always easy - only very few can really move. I like models with acting abilities."

Despite having photographed the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Joni Mitchell throughout her 15-year career, Mary admitted there are still many more stars she would like to capture on lens, and she sees it as her duty to encourage her subjects to relax.

She added to "Clint Eastwood has a really interesting face and character so definitely him. Eminem would be a challenge to convince him to let his guard down. He might be a bit difficult I imagine but I'd love to try.

"I try to spend time with them before I begin. I tell them that I'm there to get the best photo possible out of you. I'm not there to exploit anyone. It's important to make your subject relax."