Vanessa Paradis says balancing her work and family life is like solving a "Rubik's Cube".

The French singer-and-actress has two children, daughter Lily-Rose, 12, and son Jack, nine, with her long-term partner Johnny Depp and she admits getting her career commitments in synch with Johnny's whilst ensuring they have time for the kids is as difficult as solving the colored 3-D mechanical puzzle.

When asked how she and Johnny arrange their schedules, she told "That's like a Rubik's Cube. You don't want to discuss that. It's complicated, especially on two different continents - to be there for your children before everything, but not forgetting who you are and what you like to do. Juggling jet lag and schedules and flying around the world is tough. But organizing our life it's a juggling act, yeah it is. But it's working so far."

Vanessa - who lives in her native France with her family - can next be seen starring in 'Cafe De Flore', in which she plays a devoted mother raising her Down syndrome son in 1969 Paris and dealing with the prejudices she encounters.

Although she lives with one of the most talented actors in the world, the 38-year-old beauty insists she doesn't always ask Johnny, 48, for advice when she is approaching a new role.

She added: "It's not something obligatory. We know what we're doing and we talk about it."