Vanessa Paradis plays an heiress engaged to a millionaire philanthropist in her new film 'Heartbreaker'. The French language movie is directed by PASCAL CHAUMEIL and has already proved to be a major box-office hit in France. Paradis stars alongside Romain Duris and British actor Andrew Lincoln in the romantic comedy that looks set to become a Hollywood success too. Set in numerous locations including Monaco and Morocco, 'Heartbreaker' follows the story of 'Juliette' (played by Paradis) who is set to marry her wealthy fiance. However, Duris' character 'Alex' earns his living as a professional heartbreaker, hired by families to end the relationships of woman to unsuitable men, and he attempts to come between Juliette and her future husband.
It was announced this week that Paradis and her husband Johnny Depp are set to star alongside each other in a film about Simone De Beauvoir, and the writer Nelson Algren. The couple have never worked with each other before, and the 37-year-old actress said "They're still writing the script but the idea would be amazing because it's such a beautiful story. You only know when you're really actually shooting. We've had plenty of opportunities to work together but I don't know that I could do it".
'Heartbreaker' premiered in France back in January, but the film will be officially released in the US on 10th September 2010.