Vanessa Paradis thinks fame has stolen part of her life.

The 38-year-old French beauty - who has children Lily-Rose, 11 and Jack, eight, with her long-term partner Johnny Depp - enjoys the perks of her success when it allows her to get something she needs but becomes upset when it causes problems for her kids.

Asked how she copes with fame, Vanessa said: "I have contradictory feelings about it. It brings me lots of privileges - it helps me to find a doctor in an emergency, or a table in a restaurant.

"But it also steals my private life, and it's difficult when it affects my family. My children shouldn't be touched by it."

The singer-and-actress believes advice from her mother about learning to be patient has been the most valuable lesson she has learned in both her personal and professional life.

She told The Guardian newspaper: "My mum told me to have patience. It's about realising that when things aren't going the way you want them to, or you don't have inspiration, it will come."