Vanessa Paradis was happy to learn the 'Dirty Dancing' routine for a film role.

The French actress - who portrays Juliette, a big fan of the 80s cinematic favourite in 'Heartbreaker' - enjoyed the scenes where Alex, portrayed by Romain Duris, uses the famous sequence to try and seduce her character.

She said: "The 'Dirty Dancing' was such a plus. Learning that dance was something I was looking forward to when I read The Script. Although I wasn't as big a fan of 'Dirty Dancing' as Juliette is, the film was so much part of my generation and my childhood."

Romain also enjoyed the scene - despite having never seen the movie, where Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey's characters performed the original routine.

He said: "It was so funny. We could only rehearse on the set but it was a good Atmosphere so we didn't feel the pressure. Vanessa and I love to dance, so, yes, it was hard work but it was playful, too. And very pleasurable to do it.

I didn't know 'Dirty Dancing' beforehand ... But I am a big fan of that period, the 80s. I love a lot of American movies of that period. I love the style, you know?"