Vanessa Paradis "loves" Chanel.

The French actress - who has worked with the French fashion house as a Muse for the last two decades - admits she has great respect for the brand and its creative director Karl Lagerfeld for everything they do.

She said: "The more I know them the more I love Chanel; the more I admire Karl Lagerfeld and everybody that works with him and around him, the way he works with them, the way he talks and what he does. And the respect and the way he does things.

"It's a one of a kind fashion house. It's tremendous with how they do things with such beauty, inner beauty, and such respect."

The 37-year-old beauty also admits she had a say in the costumes of her latest film 'Heartbreaker' but she left the majority of the work to the professionals.

She told website "I mean obviously I got to put my nose into colours and shapes and everything but the costumier of the film did an amazing job at picking out the best pieces from every different fashion house. It was fun, it was great."