Vanessa Paradis still believes in lasting love.

The French actress - who split from long- term partner Johnny Depp in June after 14 years with him - dislikes the term ''soul mates'' as she feels giving a term to a significant other doesn't allow for the fact relationships constantly evolve.

She said: ''I believe in love and I believe in wanting to make it last.

''But as soon as you start to say: 'Here's my soul mate', it feels like you're done. Love is a constant, evolving emotion. And the fact of putting a title on it, whether it's your husband or your wife or your soul mate, then it seems like you know the end of the book. And I don't like to know the end of the book or the movie.''

However, despite her views, Vanessa - who has children Lily-Rose, 13, and Jack, 10, with Johnny - admits being described as someone's soul mate is a ''beautiful'' thing.

She added to W magazine: ''But I mean it's beautiful when one day someone tells you you're their soul mate - it makes you feel good.''