French singer Vanessa Paradis never worries lover Johnny Depp will fall for another woman - because she trusts him implicitly.

The JOE LE TAXI beauty has two children with hunky Depp and says, despite the obvious temptations of Hollywood, she rarely fears he will run off with one of his glamorous co-stars.

She enthuses, "There are lots of pretty women out there and everyone, whether they are a plummer or a lawyer, has occasions to be unfaithful.

"He is confronted by people every day who, you know, are prettier than me. Or funnier than me. Whatever. You know, I don't care. I am his best friend. And I guess that being away and seeing other people just brings us closer together.

"Because we know we've got the best to come - when we're together again at home."

17/05/2004 20:53