Christopher Kane is to launch his first ever menswear collection.

The Scottish designer will unveil a full range at London store Dover Street Market next month after successfully trialling the collection with a capsule T-shirt line.

He said: "I became obsessed with the explosions and landscapes from space pictures. I loved the colours and unbelievable detail. I printed them on to simple shapes, like loose fit T-shirts, cashmere and silk-mix knitted sweaters and cardigans."

As well as T-shirts and knitwear, the collection will also include lots of leather.

Christopher revealed: "Tailoring comes in the shape of soft black leather suit jackets with zip details and sporty leather shorts. I also experimented with the hoody, and patched leather arms with multi star prints for a sporty other-worldly look."

If the release of his first-ever menswear range is a huge success, Christopher may get to fulfil one of his dreams - dressing both Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp.

He has said: "I love Vanessa Paradis - she's so delicate and she doesn't seem to have aged. Maybe she and Johnny Depp inject themselves with each other's DNA - I would feel totally inferior being in the same room, because she's so beautiful."