Vanessa Minnillo is expecting her first child with husband Nick Lachey. Nick broke the news to the world during a recent stint co-hosting Live With Kelly this week. E! Online reported today (March 5, 2012) that the 38 year old singer and former boy band member decided to announce the news then, as Vanessa had found out that she was pregnant after appearing on the very same show, in January.
Nick Lachey told the show's viewers that, after her appearance on the show, "he started to feel a little different, not quite herself, so she went to the store, got a pregnancy test, and it came back positive. So we're having a baby!" He added "I'm here to tell you the stage here is a very fertile place." Lachey added that he was frustrated by not knowing the baby's sex yet, likening the feeling to watching a sports game that everyone else already knows the result of. "can't take the knowledge that someone out there knows, but I don't know," he said. "It's like watching a sports game on TiVo." Vanessa was spotted in Mexico last month wearing baggy clothing, sparking rumors that the TV personality may be pregnant and now the truth has been revealed.