Whilst news of her pregnancy may still only be relatively fresh, Vanessa Minnillo has told of how she can't stop thinking about the impending birth, and that it's a very "exciting time" for her and husband Nick Lachey.

Speaking to Us Weekly whilst at the Disney/ABC Television Group's All-Star cocktail reception on Friday, the Wipeout actress said that she and Nick are taking things one day at a time as their birth date is still a few month off, she said; "We're still working on everything. it's an exciting time."

She also revealed that she was already pregnant whilst filming the new season of Wipeout (which is on air now) but admitted that when it comes to filming the next season of the Abc show things will be a lot different when it comes to taking her child on set.

Minnillo's husband on the other hand looks to be very much prepared for everything fatherhood could possibly hurl at him, also telling Us Weekly that "the nursery's ready, we got the stroller, we got the car seat.it's all kind of happened so fast."

Fast maybe, but he is clearly in the same frame of mind as his wife is in regards to the impending birth, admitting that he too is finding everything "very exciting!"