Violinist Vanessa Mae's stalker DAVID MARTIN faces a possible jail sentence after harassing the stunning musician for ten years.

Martin, 56, was told yesterday (03AUG04) in West London Magistrates' Court, he would be remanded in police custody until he appears for sentencing on 24 August (04) after a decade of relentlessly pursuing Mae, 25.

The unemployed hospital engineer, from Brighton, West Sussex, bombarded Mae with letters, kept a diary of her movements between her two homes in west London and followed her while she walked her dog.

Martin was first arrested last October (03) when he was found with a knife outside the star's home, and lead police to impose an indefinite restraining order against him.

He was taken into custody again earlier this year (04) after Mae's boyfriend LIONEL CATALAN spotted Martin outside Mae's home.

Prosecutor BENEDICT LEONARD told the Court, "Since about 1993 the defendant appears to have been an obsessive fan who has since then sent her letters, packages and CDs, including some letters from the defendant in which he appears to want a relationship with the victim and wants to marry her.

"He has badgered her, attended concerts, communicated with her management company claiming to be a member of the family, speaking to them on first name terms and claiming he wants to talk to the victim."

04/08/2004 02:31