Sexy violinist Vanessa Mae's eagerly awaited return to music in October (04) took a terrifying turn just days before her live comeback - her stalker sent a letter to the concert venue.

Earlier this year (04), hospital engineer DAVID MARTIN - who was arrested near the musician's London home - was sentenced to three months in prison, banned from visiting the British capital and told he faces five years in jail if he ever approaches Mae again.

However, the court ruling failed to stop Martin from making enquiries into her proposed gig at London's Royal Festival Hall.

She says, "He'd written to the promoter of the Royal Festival Hall concert, so there were police there just in case he turned up."

Fortunately for Mae, eagle-eyed guards saw nothing of scary Martin.

However, the violinist refuses to succumb to her fears and let him spoil her life - even though she's unconvinced he won't return to his stalker ways.

She adds, "I'm not frightened of him, but it's like dealing with a wild animal. I can't be 100 per cent confident that he won't come back. You have to take some risks in life. You can't make your life a misery because of someone else's delusion that they feel they have a relationship with you.

"Going to the police was as far as I could go without making my life a prison. The idea was to make him go to prison, not to make me feel like a prisoner."

06/12/2004 21:48