Sexy violinist Vanessa Mae has appeared on live British TV to warn her stalker she'll have him jailed if he troubles her again.

Obsessed fan DAVID MARTIN - who had been plaguing her with letters and tracking her movements in London for 10 years - was sentenced to six months in prison for breaking a restraining order last month (AUG04), but escaped jail because he'd already served the time on remand.

Vanessa described her terrifying ordeal at the hands of a "delusional" stalker on British TV show GMTV yesterday (09SEP04), and vowed to call on the law and have him imprisoned if he offends again.

She said, "If I ever spot him in the M25 (motorway) area I will get the police involved and get him sent to prison. For a long time he's believed either my mother or my bodyguard was getting in the way between him and myself - delusional.

"When people want a piece of you and it steps into your personal life, that's something I'm not interested in."

Martin, 56, faces five years in jail if he again breaks the restraining order, which was issued in December 2003 under the Protection Against Harassment Act.

10/09/2004 02:27