Vanessa Mae hates the fact her mother feels compelled to involve herself in all aspects of her daughter's life - because ultimately the trait has ended their relationship.

The talented violinist was managed by her interfering mum PAMELA until five years ago when Mae sacked her, and the pair have barely communicated since.

Mae blames Pamela's inability to stick with the sole role of being her mother on the collapse of their relationship.

She says, "We don't have a relationship. I don't actually see my mother anymore. She took it badly when I no longer wanted her to be my manager.

"I've been happy separating my life from my work. But for her, me and my work were so entwined she couldn't imagine being involved in one part of my life without the other.

"It was my choice for us not to have a manager and artist anymore. I still wanted us to be mother and daughter. But she can't adjust to not being my manager."

07/12/2004 00:02