Vanessa Hudgens will always have her boyfriend's ''back.''

The 29-year-old actress has been dating her partner Austin Butler for almost six years now and she believes they're is so strong because they support one another.

She said: ''We'll always have each other's backs so it's nice.''

However, it's not just the 26-year-old hunk who has her heart as the brunette beauty has admitted her adopted dog Darla gives her so much love since she rescued her.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she explained: ''My dog and I, I feel like have a really special relationship, 'cause when I first met her she wouldn't even let me touch her, she was a rescue, she was abused.

''She was terrified of everything, and everyone and through loving her, she's opened up and showed me her personality, and has gotten so comfortable and is now this little cuddle muffin. I can't imagine my life without her.''

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Austin sparked engagement speculation last year after the former Disney star was spotted with a sizeable ring on her left finger, but she's adamant she and her beau feel no pressure to get hitched at the moment.

She said: ''No, because if I felt pressure in a relationship, we wouldn't have been together for almost seven years.''

Before her long-term relationship with Austin, Vanessa dated Zac Efron - who she met on the set of 'High School Musical' - for five years until 2010 and though she didn't suggest there's any bad feeling between them, she admitted they don't speak.

She said recently: ''I completely lost contact with him.''

She also previously said she got ''mean'' while dating the 'Baywatch' star because of the attention he would constantly get from other women.